We all live in such a bizarre and polluted environment these days that it is tough to prevent emerging diseases such as thyroid, asthma, blood pressure, and diabetes. Amongst all the problems, diabetes is the most chronical one which causes a continuous illness and demands medical attention all the time. Diabetes can also become a threat to life if a person starts suffering from blood pressure or any other cardiovascular issues along with diabetes itself. With high diabetes, a person has to take insulin which massively reduces the sugar level, and therefore the person must take care of proper intake of healthy food and must not skip any meal. If the person starts suffering from 2nd type diabetes, then he must take care of everything on priority, as high diabetes can cause heart strokes, kidney issues reduced the flow of blood in legs and feet which might even lead to surgery to remove the dysfunctional part, loss of eyesight causing complete blindness, etc.

Diabetes is a chronical disease and must be prevented. There are several ways; a person can prevent diabetes:

Reduce the intake of carbs and sugar from the diet. Rice, sweets or any other refined carbs increases the sugar level on high stakes and therefore must be taken care of as these carbs, and sweet substances are eventually broken down to small sugar components which are digested and are dissolved in the bloodstream. Basically, in an average person’s body when the sugar level rises, pancreas secrets insulin which forces the sugar molecule out of the blood and into the bod’s cell. But a person with the pre-diabetic condition, the body cell refuses to take the insulin causing the sugar molecule to remain in the bloodstream, increasing the sugar level massively and treating diabetes. This may even lead to high blood pressure and low insulin levels which can become a major cause of type 2 diabetes.

One can reduce the chance of diabetes by working out regularly. Exercise helps the blood flow in the body to be intact and thin, reducing the risk factors of blood clots and strokes or more. Activities also increase the insulin sensitivity in the body cells reducing the sugar level and hence reducing the risk of causing diabetes. The blood sugar level is usually high in overweight, and obese people and therefore are required to exercise and cut some weight to prevent the risk of diabetes.


Take water as a primary beverage and drink water as much as you can. Drinking a high amount of water reduces many health-related issues and hence is the best natural way to prevent any problem. When a person has maximum hydration level and sticks to water as the sole beverage avoids taking soda and cola which have the high amount of sugar intake, and calories and hence water play a side kicking major role.